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Most merchants miss the hidden insights behind their store's data. With Siftmo, store owners are empowered with advanced analytics, KPIs, segments, and reports, letting them visualize growth-critical insights about their store.

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Answer the key questions with our KPIs

No business analysts required. Know the most important KPIs out of the box and know how your store's performance evolves, and which directions you should choose to improve it.

Segment your customers, products, and variants

Siftmo's more than 20 different segments allow you to know things like your most profitable customers or products, your customers with higher AOV, the highly refunded products…

Advanced search

All your customers, products, and orders, can be filtered using our advanced filters. You can combine as many filters as you need, using AND & OR clauses.


Siftmo implements a report for each KPI, where you can easily CSV export your data.

Available and upcomming integrations

Facebook Ads
Google Ads

The ecommerce analytics platform with the support you need

Siftmo not just empowers you with game changer KPIs, customer and product segments, reports, and advanced filters. It'll also provide the additional features that every ecommerce business needs.

Top-Notch customer support

Get helped by the folks who programmed and designed Siftmo, and let us improve the app from your feedback.

CSV exports

You can export any segment, advanced filtered tables, and reports to CSV. You own your data, and can work with it somewhere else.

Unlimited users

With every plan you get unlimited users. Let your analysts access the stores you need them to work into.

Unlimited stores

You can add to your organization as many stores as you need, so all your business data is centralized in a single place.
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